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Finalised (published) content

Diagnostic aids for melanoma

What is the appropriate treatment for macroscopic (i.e. detectable clinically or by ultrasound) nodal metastasis?

Content open for public consultation (September-October 2017)

Investigations and follow-up for melanoma patients:

Identification and management of high-risk individuals

Total body photography

Clinical information



Content under development (not yet open for public consultation)

  • What is the role of adjuvant systemic therapy in patients with resected stage 2-3 melanoma?
  • Does systemic drug therapy improve progression free and/or overall survival in stage 3C unresectable and stage 4 melanoma?
  • Is adjuvant radiotherapy of value following resection of involved lymph nodes?
  • Should desmoplastic and/or neurotropic melanomas be treated differently?
  • How should lentigo maligna be managed?

Systematic reviews underway/pending (not yet open for public consultation)

  • How should satellite and in transit metastatic disease be managed?
  • How should melanoma in pregnancy be managed?
  • How should melanoma in children be managed?