COSA:Psychosocial management of AYA cancer patients

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This guidance has been produced by the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA) as part of a national Youth Cancer Networks Program project funded by the Australian Government.

The guidance provides advice and ‘good practice points’ to assist health professionals in recognising and meeting the particular psychosocial needs of their adolescent and young adult patients.

COSA convened a working group of multidisciplinary health professionals to review the available literature, consider current best practice and develop this draft guidance.


Key points

Summary of good practice points (Printable version)

  1. Introduction
  2. Communicating effectively with AYAs diagnosed with cancer
  3. Supporting AYA relationships
  4. Addressing aspects of physical wellbeing related to psychosocial health
  5. Addressing the psychological wellbeing of the patient
  6. Keeping the young person connected with life outside their cancer treatment
  7. Providing age-appropriate clinical management
  8. Addressing the palliative care needs of AYA patients
  9. Information and resources



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