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Fertility preservation for AYAs diagnosed with cancer: Guidance for health professionals. > COSA:AYA cancer fertility preservation/Managing the fertility preservation process/Team formation

Form a multidisciplinary fertility preservation team

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Cancer treatment teams, fertility specialists and other key stakeholders should work together to preserve and optimise the future reproductive capacity of young people diagnosed with cancer.

Assessing and discussing the risk to fertility of cancer and cancer treatments is complex and requires multidisciplinary involvement across a number of specialist fields.

Cancer specialist teams have to manage the heavy burden of often acute presentations and extensive disease and are focused on informing patients about treatment options and providing treatments in a timely manner.[1][2][3] Given this burden on the treatment team and the multiple and ethical issues involved in fertility preservation, it has been recommended that a specialised team, rather than the primary oncologist alone, addresses the issues with AYA patients.[4]

Where possible, the fertility preservation team should include:

  • the AYA patient’s treating oncologist
  • a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist
  • a psychologist, counsellor or social worker
  • an AYA Clinical Nurse Consultant and/or AYA cancer care coordinator (where available and appropriate)
  • other health professionals as appropriate, depending on the patient’s age, cancer type and other personal factors.

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