Citation:Isenring EA, Capra S, Bauer JD 2004

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Isenring EA, Capra S, Bauer JD. Nutrition intervention is beneficial in oncology outpatients receiving radiotherapy to the gastrointestinal or head and neck area. Br J Cancer 2004 Aug 2;91(3):447-52 Abstract available at

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  1. Q11. What are the goals of nutrition intervention? - Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  2. Q2. When should patients be screened and referred to the dietitian?
  3. Q23. What frequency and duration of nutrition follow up should patients receive pre, peri and post treatment?
  4. Q24. What nutritional parameters need to be monitored?
  5. Q4. How should nutritional status be assessed?
  6. Q5. What is the impact of the dietitian providing nutrition intervention as part of a multidisciplinary team?
  7. Q7. Does nutrition intervention improve outcomes? - Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  8. Q8. Does nutrition intervention improve outcomes? - Post treatment