Citation:National Breast Cancer Centre, National Cancer Control Initiative 2003

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National Breast Cancer Centre, National Cancer Control Initiative. Clinical practice guidelines for the psychosocial care of adults with cancer. Camperdown, NSW: National Breast Cancer Centre 2003 Jan 1 Abstract available at

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  1. Addressing the palliative care needs of AYA patients
  2. Approach to the patient
  3. Communicating effectively with AYAs diagnosed with cancer
  4. In men with prostate cancer, do psychological and cognitive interventions improve psychological adjustment?
  5. Introduction and guideline development
  6. Is there benefit for multidisciplinary care of women with low and high-risk apparent early stage endometrial cancer?
  7. Psychosocial care
  8. Psychosocial care
  9. What are the levels of psycho-social distress in men with advanced prostate cancer, including that related to PSA anxiety?