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Risk of bias assessment: randomised controlled trial

Was the trial double-blinded?
Trial was double-blinded but may have limitations (eg method of blinding inappropriate, tablet vs injection with no double-dummy, different treatment schedules, side-effects may unblind)

single-blinded (eg outcomes assessed blind, objective outcomes, no revealing side-effects).

Was the treatment allocation schedule concealed?
Adequately concealed (e.g. central randomisation, numbered or coded bottles, drugs prepared by pharmacy).
Were all randomised participants included in the analysis?
No exclusions or survival analysis used with all subjects included (>95% follow-up for all groups).
The field below is not considered when calculating the risk of bias rating
How was the allocation schedule generated?
Adequate (e.g. random number table, computer random generator, coin tossing, card shuffling)
Overall risk of bias
Moderate risk of bias Additional comments:

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Gattellari M, Ward JE. A community-based randomised controlled trial of three different educational resources for men about prostate cancer screening. Patient Educ Couns 2005 May;57(2):168-82 Available from:
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