Critical appraisal:Rothwell PM, Wilson M, Elwin CE, Norrving B, Algra A, Warlow CP, et al 2010 6

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Risk of bias assessment: systematic review

Studies included in the review
Was an adequate search strategy used?
Very thorough – included appropriate search terms and databases
Were the inclusion criteria appropriate and applied in an unbiased way?
Yes – pre-specified inclusion criteria applied independently by two people
Were the studies assessed for quality (relating to the minimisation of biases)?
Adequate – some problems with quality issues or assessed by one person only
Were the characteristics and results of individual studies appropriately summarised?
Yes – summary descriptive tables of subjects, interventions, outcomes etc are provided and estimates of treatment effect displayed
The following questions are only relevant for systematic reviews that pooled data
Were the methods used for pooling the data appropriate?
If there was heterogeneity, were sources of heterogeneity explored?
Overall risk of bias
Moderate risk of bias Additional comments: Please replace this text and include any additional comments in regards to your risk of bias rating

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Rothwell PM, Wilson M, Elwin CE, Norrving B, Algra A, Warlow CP, et al. Long-term effect of aspirin on colorectal cancer incidence and mortality: 20-year follow-up of five randomised trials. Lancet 2010 Nov 20;376(9754):1741-50 Available from:
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Guidelines:Colorectal cancer/Prevention
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CRC mortality
Clinical trial
BDAT Trial; SALT_Trial; TPT Trial; UK-TIA Trial
BDAT Trial; SALT_Trial; TPT Trial; UK-TIA Trial

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