Critical appraisal:Spillane AJ, Pasquali S, Haydu LE, Thompson JF 2014 2

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Risk of bias assessment: case series

Subject selection:
Highly selected or not described (e.g. single-institution study)
Were the outcome measures blind to pre/post-intervention?
No, but objective measures used
Follow-up complete and all patients included in the analysis?
Yes (follow-up >95%)
Overall risk of bias
High risk of bias Additional comments: Please replace this text and include any additional comments in regards to your risk of bias rating

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Spillane AJ, Pasquali S, Haydu LE, Thompson JF. Patterns of recurrence and survival after lymphadenectomy in melanoma patients: clarifying the effects of timing of surgery and lymph node tumor burden. Ann Surg Oncol 2014 Jan;21(1):292-9 Available from:
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