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I would like a full version of a guideline, where can I find this?

The guidelines are online-only resources; some have a short-form summary available for download that can be located from a guideline’s homepage.

Due to the dynamic nature of the site that allows us to update content more regularly than printed documents, Cancer Council Australia cannot produce or offer full versions of the guidelines as downloadable documents, this would create issues with version control.

I would like to re-use content from CCA's clinical guidelines, how do I do that?

If you would like to re-use content from the CCA's clinical practice guidelines site, please contact guidelines(at) with your request.

To reference a guideline topic a 'Cite this page' tool has been added throughout, this will create a date-stamped citation for the version you are citing.

Cite guideline.png

To cite a whole guideline, use the 'Cite this guideline' tool at the top of the specific guideline landing page.

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What is public consultation?

More information can be found here about the public consultation process: Public Consultation.

My question hasn't been answered here, how do I get in contact with you?

Contact guidelines(at) with any other questions.

Please note: we cannot respond to enquiries from individuals with regards to their diagnosis or management.