Education module for GPs, nurse Pap providers, sexual health physicians and general gynaecologists Question 1a

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Question 1a.

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Kate is a 20 year old female who presents requesting a Pap test. She has been sexually active since the age of 17 and had Implanon inserted 18 months ago at the local sexual health clinic. She did not receive the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine at school as her parents were concerned about potential side effects.

You explain to Kate that Pap tests have been replaced by a test for HPVHuman papillomavirus, known as a cervical screening test, to be commenced at age 25. What management approach would you then take? (pick one or more answer/s)

a) As Kate has not been vaccinated for HPV and has been sexually active for 2 years, she should have a cervical screening test at this visit.
b) Recommend Kate return at age 25 for a cervical screening test.
c) Check that Kate is up to date with her annual Chlamydia test.