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Adjuvant therapy for stage II colon cancer

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Background[edit source]

Patients with stage II (T3 or T4, N0) or Dukes B colon cancer have a 5-year disease free survival rate of around 80% when all groups are combined, with minimal or no impact from adjuvant chemotherapy.[1]

Overview of evidence (non-systematic literature review)[edit source]

No systematic reviews were undertaken for this topic. Practice points were based on selected published evidence. See Guidelines development process.

Controversy still exists regarding the role of standard adjuvant therapy for Stage II disease. The addition of oxaliplatin to fluorouracil does not appear to offer benefit in patients with stage II colon cancer.[2][3]

Furthermore, the prognosis is often underestimated, with 5-year overall survivals of 87–90% for ‘high risk’ disease and 89–91% for ‘low/medium risk’ disease being reported in a recent clinical trial.[2] Multiple clinical and pathologic factors define a subset of patients at increased risk of recurrence (including T4, perforation at presentation and inadequate node sampling)[1] but whether these ‘high-risk’ patients benefit more from chemotherapy remains to be conclusively demonstrated.

Adjuvant chemotherapy for stage II cancers can be considered on a case-by-case basis but cannot be considered a standard of care.

Practice pointQuestion mark transparent.png

The optimal approach to adjuvant therapy in stage II colon cancer remains uncertain. Adjuvant therapy can be considered in high-risk patients on a case-by-case basis.

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