Colorectal cancer

Background[edit source]

Patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer, both in elective and emergency settings, may require a stoma. This includes formation of a permanent colostomy in patients with low rectal cancers; construction of ileostomies or colostomies in patients with an obstructing cancer, where an anastomosis is not appropriate; and formation of a temporary diverting loop stoma proximal to an anastomosis.

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Overview of evidence (non-systematic literature review)[edit source]

No systematic reviews were undertaken for this topic. Practice points were based on selected published evidence. See Guidelines development process.

Patients having surgery for colorectal cancer who definitely require a stoma, or who may require a stoma, should be seen by a stomal therapy nurse prior to surgery, and have the appropriate possible site/s for a stoma marked on their abdomen.[1]

There is evidence that patients have a better quality of life postoperatively if their stoma is sited preoperatively by a stomal therapist,[2] aand that these patients will have fewer stoma-related complications.[3][4]

Stomal therapists are able to provide counselling, education and support, and can even facilitate patients talking to other patients with stomas.[5]

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Patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery who may, or will, require a stoma should be seen prior to surgery by a stomal therapist.

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Patients with stomas should be given postoperative education.

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References[edit source]

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