Draft clinical practice guidelines for keratinocyte cancer

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This is a wiki-based guideline. A PDF version of the recommendations in the guideline (short-form guideline), has been made available for download using the link above.

Public consultation

Please see here to access Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma (and related lesions) – a guide to clinical management in Australia (2008). Note this resource was developed, reviewed or revised more than five years ago. An updated version of this guideline is in progress. This PDF has been made available for reference purposes only.

Public consultation

These draft guidelines are open for public consultation between 7 June – 8 July 2019. Comment buttons have been added throughout to enable you to make specific comments on a section. Comment area.PNG

Click the orange 'Public consultation' button for information about public consultation, including how to make a comment.

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Summary of recommendations

Plain-language summary

Prevention of keratinocyte cancer


Early detection and opportunistic screening

Clinical features



Surgical treatment


Cryotherapy and electrodessication and curettage (EDC)

Topical treatments and photodynamic therapy

Organ transplantation and other conditions associated with immunosuppression

Metastatic disease and systemic therapies

Follow-up after treatment for keratinocyte cancer

The role of primary care in the prevention and management of keratinocyte cancer

Common concerns raised by patients

Economics of keratinocyte cancer


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