Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of melanoma

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Please see here to access the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Melanoma in Australia and New Zealand (2008). Note this resource was developed, reviewed or revised more than five years ago. It no longer represents the National Health and Medical Research Council's position on the matters contained therein. An updated version of this guideline is in progress. This PDF has been made available for reference purposes only.

Note: These guidelines are undergoing a staged revision and updating process. As they are completed and ratified by the Working Party, finalised chapters are being published on this wiki site. Please see the list of clinical questions for the scope of the complete revision currently in progress.

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Summary of recommendations

Contents: Published questions

Note that this guidelines revision is being undertaken as a staged process. These questions have been finalised and are not open for review and public consultation.

Identification and management of high-risk individuals



Management of primary melanoma and lentigo maligna

Investigations and follow-up for melanoma patients

Treatment of satellite and in-transit metastases

Appropriate treatment of macroscopic nodal metastases

Systemic therapy



Guideline development process

Working party members and contributors

List of clinical questions (including other questions under development)

Conflict of interest register