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As part of the dissemination and implementation plan for the guideline, lead authors were encouraged to develop articles to submit to journals for publication in order to further promote the updated Australian guidance on the diagnosis and management of melanoma.

Journal articles published or accepted for publication:

When is a sentinel node biopsy indicated for patients with primary melanoma? An update of the 'Australian guidelines for the management of cutaneous melanoma' David E Gyorki, Andrew Barbour, Mark Hanikeri, Victoria Mar, Shahneen Sandhu and John F Thompson

Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of melanoma: melanomas that lack classical clinical features Victoria J Mar, Alex J Chamberlain, John W Kelly, William K Murray and John F Thompson

Updated evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of melanoma: definitive excision margins for primary cutaneous melanoma Michael J Sladden, Omgo E Nieweg, Julie Howle, Brendon J Coventry and John F Thompson

Methods of melanoma detection and of skin monitoring for individuals at high risk of melanoma: new Australian clinical practice Nikki R Adler, John W Kelly, Pascale Guitera, Scott W Menzies, Alex J Chamberlain, Paul Fishburn, Alison E Button‐Sloan, Clinton Heal, H Peter Soyer and John F Thompson

Multidisciplinary care of cancer patients – a passing fad or here to stay? John F Thompson and Gabrielle J Williams

Improving diagnostic accuracy for suspicious melanocytic skin lesions: new Australian melanoma clinical practice guidelines stress the importance of clinician/pathologist communication Richard A Scolyer, H Peter Soyer, John W Kelly, Craig James, Catriona A McLean, Brendon J Coventry, Peter M Ferguson, Robert V Rawson, Victoria J Mar, Sara L de Menezes, Paul Fishburn, Jonathan R Stretch, Stephen Lee and John F Thompson

New treatment paradigms for clinically-apparent metastatic melanoma in regional lymph nodes Michael A. Henderson, John Spillane, T. Michael Hughes, Andrew J. Spillane, B. Mark Smithers and John F. Thompson

Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the management of patients with lentigo maligna Mitchell Robinson, Clare Primiero, Pascale Guitera, Angela Hong, Richard A. Scolyer, Jonathan R. Stretch, Geoffrey Strutton, John F. Thompson and H. Peter Soyer

Last updated: 4 November 2019.