Advanced prostate cancer

Working party members and contributors

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Management of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Guidelines Working Party Membership
Professor Villis Marshall AC (Chair) Urologist – Royal Adelaide Hospital Adelaide SA
Mr Don Baumber Consumer -Gold Coast QLD
Professor Damien Bolton Urologist - Melbourne VIC
A/Professor Mark Boughey Palliative care specialist - Melbourne VIC
Dr Mary Brooksbank AM Palliative care physician - Adelaide SA
Professor Suzanne Chambers General Manager Research - Cancer Council Queensland,Brisbane QLD
Ms Helen Crowe Urological Nurse - Victorian Urological Nurses Society, Melbourne VIC
Professor David Currow* Palliative care physician - Adelaide SA
Ms Melissa Dougherty* Epidemiologist - Adelaide SA
Dr Joshua Dass Radiation oncologist - Townsville QLD
Professor Gillian Duchesne** Radiation oncologist - Melbourne VIC
Professor RA ‘Frank’ Gardiner AM Urologist - Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane QLD
Dr Kumar Gogna Radiation oncologist - Mater Centre, Brisbane QLD
Dr Howard Gurney Medical Oncologist - Westmead Hospital, Sydney NSW
Professor David Handelsman Endocrinologist - ANZAC Research Institute, Sydney NSW
Mr Trevor Hunt Consumer – Adelaide SA (deceased 22 June 2009)
Dr Andrew Kneebone Radiation oncologist – Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney NSW
Mr Bill McHugh Consumer – Brisbane QLD
Ms Jill Margo Medical journalist – Sydney NSW
A/Professor Jeremy Millar*** Radiation oncologist – Alfred Hospital, Melbourne VIC
Professor Dianne O’Connell Epidemiologist – Cancer Council NSW, Sydney NSW
Professor Ian Olver Medical oncologist – Cancer Council Australia, Sydney NSW
Dr Carole Pinnock AM Principal research scientist – Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park SA
Emeritus Professor Tom Reeve AC CBE Senior medical advisor, ACN / Convenor, Working Party –Sydney NSW
Dr Mark Rosenthal Medical oncologist – Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne VIC
Dr Sabe Sabesan Medical oncologist – Townsville Hospital, Townsville QLD
A/Professor Tom Shakespeare Radiation oncologist – North Coast Cancer Institute, Coffs Harbour NSW
Dr David Smith Epidemiologist – Cancer Council NSW, Sydney NSW
Dr Nigel Spry** Radiation oncologist – Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands WA
Dr Philip Stricker Urologist – St Vincent’s Clinic, Sydney NSW
Professor Christopher Sweeney Medical oncologist – Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide SA
Dr Kirsty Wiltshire Radiation oncologist – Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre,Melbourne VIC
Dr Agnes Vitry Senior Research Fellow, University of South Australia – Adelaide SA

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Systematic review team

Professor Dianne O’Connell Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW
Dr Louisa Jones Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW
Dr Annette Moxey University of Newcastle, Callaghan NSW
Dr David Smith Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW
Ms Suzanne Hughes Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW
Mrs Hayley Griffin Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW
Ms Amy Nolen Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW
Volunteer Dr Marek Czuba Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW
Volunteer Ms Alexandra Hodgkinson Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney NSW

Subgroup subcommittees


Professor Villis Marshall AC
Professor Christopher Sweeney


Professor Howard Gurney
Professor Ian Olver
Professor Mark Rosenthal
Dr Sabe Sabesan

Complementary and alternative therapies

Emeritus Professor Tom Reeve AC CBE
Dr Sabe Sabesan

Emerging therapies

Professor Villis Marshall AC
Ms Suzanne Hughes

Hormone therapy

Professor RA ‘Frank’ Gardiner AM
Professor Christopher Sweeney
Professor Suzanne Chambers


Professor David Handelsman

Palliative care

Dr Mary Brooksbank AM
A/Professor Mark Boughey

Psychosocial care

Professor Suzanne Chambers
Dr Carole Pinnock AM


Dr Joshua Dass
Professor Gillian Duchesne**
Dr Kumar Gogna
Dr Andrew Kneebone
A/Professor Jeremy Millar***
A/Professor Tom Shakespeare
Dr Kirsty Wiltshire

Special reviewer: Dr Lizbeth Kenny, President, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists; Radiation Oncologist, Royal Brisbane Hospital

Socio-economic aspects

Dr David Smith


Professor Villis Marshall AC
* Until 31 December 2006
** Until 31 December 200
*** Until 31 March 2009

Guidelines development process

Professor Villis Marshall AC
Emeritus Professor Tom Reeve AC CBE
Professor Dianne O’Connell

Review Panel

Professor Michael Barton OAM, Chair
Dr Mark Frydenberg
Professor Gillian Duchesne
Professor Ian Olver
Dr Carole Pinnock AM
Mr Max Shub
Mr John Stubbs
Professor Jane Turner
In attendance:
Ms Hayley Griffin
Ms Suzanne Hughes
Professor Dianne O’Connell
Emeritus Professor Tom Reeve AC CBE
Professor Villis Marshall AC

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Professor Madeleine King and Dr Tim Luckett for their input in the quality of life aspects of the hormone therapy sections.
Ms Hester Gascoigne of Hester Gascoigne & Associates, Canberra for editing the draft document for public consultation.
Ms Mary Russell, Freelance Indexer, Caulfield Victoria, for indexing the Guidelines.
Ms Christine Vuletich, Executive Assistant, Australian Cancer Network, for formatting Guidelines, layout and editing.
Yaping Liu, Librarian and Ying Zhao, Library technician at Cancer Council New South Wales, for helping collect references.

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