Public comments - Head and neck cancer nutrition guidelines/Background

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Cancer Australia established a number of tumour stream specific reference groups in 2007 to determine priorities for reducing disparate patient outcomes. Some of the key aims from the national reference group for head and neck cancer were 1) standardized care which included treatment guidelines and multidisciplinary care, 2) access to information such as a website to host guidelines, information and education for consumers, and 3) public health messages. The development of these guidelines will assist in meeting some of these national strategic goals.

Cancer Australia requests this paragraph be removed as there is no longer a reference group for head and neck cancers and there has been no further specific work on this tumour stream since the first meeting in 2007. The recommendations have not been endorsed as "national strategic goals"., 27 April 2011

Yes, this paragraph will be removed. Teresa Brown, on behalf of the authors, 17 June 2011