Public comments: Recommendations - What is the evidence based surgical approach for bilateral salpingo–oophorectomy in premenopausal women with low and high risk apparent early stage endometrial cancer?

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The quoted risk for ovarian cancer in Lynch syndrome is high. This risk was assessed by Australian key opinion leaders in Familial cancer under the auspices of the NSW Cancer Institute cancer treatments on-line, familial cancer committee ( and a consensus agreement on an ovarian cancer risk of <10% was reached based on published literature. In addition, as there is evidence that endometrial cancer is the sentinel cancer in 50-60% of women with LS. I would suggest that the recommendation includes the taking of a three generation cancer history pedigree from any premenstrual women undergoing hysterectomy for EC, with particular regard to a family history of EC and CRC. The information gained for this easy and inexpensive clinical assessment would provide clinically relevant information in regard to the likelihood of LS in this patient and would help focus targeted further assessment through mismatch repair immunohistochemistry or referral to a familial cancer clinic for further pre-surgical genetic assessment.

Dr Alison Trainer19:43, 3 August 2012