Public comments - What is the effect or benefit of vitamins or minerals during or post radiotherapy treatment

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I have had a quick look at the Vit E issue again and have come across reference to another article which may strengthen the recommendations against use of Vit E. Bairati Int J Cancer 2006 119(9) 2221-2224 (see attached – same person involved in 4 of the other articles included). All cause mortality was significantly higher for the supplementation group, and there was a trend towards significance for a number of other subsets – all against supplementation.

I have attached a review article which may be of use for any further reviews. Lawenda 2008.

I like the first paragraph – I remember discussing this in the teleconference but I think you have worded it well – glad you put the pharmacists first!

Brett Janson Senior Clinical Pharmacist Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, 17 June 2011

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. The Bairati 2006 paper will be formally reviewed and included.

The Lawenda 2008 review article will be considered for inclusion. It is a good systematic review of RCT’s of antioxidants during treatment, but is not specific to H&N cancer.

Teresa Brown, on behalf of the authors, 17 June 2011