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Early detection of cancer in AYAs

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Record Literature Search

Manual citation form rules

Important note: Ensure citation is not already in the system!!!! Use search box, if organisation search for full org name and check for abbreviation as well, insert book title and search!!! We do not want duplicates in the system!

The fields

1) URL: If there is a URL, insert it in this field

2) Title field: Insert the title including the punctuation (if book include edition here, ie. 2nd ed.)

3) Author field:

Enter Last name, initial(s) (up until 5), do not include a full stop at the end!!!!!
If 6 authors, enter all six author last name, initial(s), comma et al (no full stop)

4) Publication or journal field: Include full journal name

If you deal with a book, use this field to insert all info: Publishing location:publisher;

5) Abbreviation- field: Include journal abbreviation

6) Publication reference: Include the details in the following format 172(3):923-7 (see NJEM rules)

7) Date: Enter date

Examples for book entries

Inserting comment buttons

Go to the end of the section and insert the following markup:

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How to add the commenting instructions

Insert {{Cosa public comments}} into the comment header, so the instructions appear.