From Oncology for Medical Students

The following topics represent knowledge that a student should have at graduation.

Areas Objective Topic
Public health 1.1 The role of cancer in population health and illness
1.2 Cancers – epidemiology and risk factors
1.3 Prevention, screening and family risk
Cancer biology 2.1 Functional anatomy
2.2 Physiology
2.3 Pathology
2.4 Molecular biology
Patient management 3.1 Referral and multidisciplinary management
3.2 Quality of life, therapeutic ratio and resource costs
3.3 Uncertainty and information management
Diagnosis 4.1 Clinical examination
4.2 The diagnostic process
Treatment 5.1 General principles
5.2 Principles of surgery
5.3 Principles of radiotherapy
5.4 Principles of systemic therapy
5.5 Principles of palliative care
5.6 Follow-up and relapse
Communication skills 6.1 Psychosocial and cultural significance of cancer
6.2 Communication and counselling
6.3 Education of patients
6.4 Family and community support
Ethics and professionalism 7 Ethics and professionalism
Clinical experience 8 Five essential cancer clinical experiences