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Ideal Oncology Curriculum for medical schools

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Follow the upload prompts!

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Things to consider for image upload

Name the image with a self-explanatory, short and unique name.

png files are best!


Wiki markup for tables is a little complicated. Contact Jutta from Cancer Council Australia when you come across a table and she will assist.


Automatic pubmed import

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Manual citation entry


Before entering a citation manually

Before adding a citation via the citation form, please check if you have already entered it before (use wiki search or visit the citation namespace:

The Pubmed import functions automatically detects duplications. However, when you enter citations manually, you have to check if the citation has been added first!!!! We do not want duplicate citations on the wiki, so checking is important.

Citation rules

Common challenges with manual citation entry

The difference with the title vs author field

Title: Remember to put the appropriate punctuation sign in the title field!

Author name field: Enter last name initial comma, last name initial (Miller A, Miller B). When more than 6 authors finish name field entry with et al (no puncutation at the end!!!!)

Do not put any punctuation at the end of the name field!!!

Create reference list

In order to create a reference list at the end of a page, put