Liver cancer

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Liver cancer

About this chapter

The Liver cancer chapter of the National Cancer Prevention Policy presents information about evidence-based strategies to prevent primary liver cancer (cancer that originates in the liver), with a focus on approaches to prevent and control chronic hepatitis B and C infections as the major causes of liver cancer in Australia and globally.

The chapter was was developed in July 2012 in consultation with Monica Robotin, Medical Director, Cancer Council NSW; Chris Enright, Manager, Primary Health, Cancer Council Victoria; and Emily Adamson, Hepatitis B Program Coordinator, Cancer Council Victoria, and endorsed by Cancer Council's principal Public Health Committee. It was externally reviewed in February/March 2013 by Dr Benjamin Cowie, Epidemiologist and physician, WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for Hepatitis B, Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, and Victorian Infectious Diseases Service, Royal Melbourne Hospital Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne; and Dr Mark Danta, Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, Faculty of Medicine UNSW and St Vincent's Clinical School.

This chapter will be updated as significant new literature is published or changes in the policy environment occur.

Contact: Deshanie Rawlings


  1. Overview
  2. Impact
  3. Causes
  4. Prevention
  5. Screening
  6. Policy context
  7. Policy priorities