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About this chapter

This chapter of the National Cancer Prevention Policy combines information about overweight and obesity, physical inactivity and nutrition, which were three separate chapters in previous editions. It will be updated as significant new literature is published or changes in the policy environment occur.

The chapter was developed by Cancer Council Australia's Nutrition and Physical Activity Committee in June/July 2012 and endorsed by its principal Public Health Committee. The chapter was externally reviewed in September/October 2012 by Professor Annie Anderson, Professor of Public Health Nutrition, University of Dundee; Professor Colleen Doyle, Director of Nutrition and Physical Activity, American Cancer Society; and Blythe O'Hara, Executive Officer, Prevention Research Collaboration, University of Sydney.

Contact: Paul Grogan


  1. Overview
  2. Impact
  3. Links between cancer and weight, nutrition and physical activity
  4. Policy context
  5. Effective interventions
  6. Policy priorities
  7. Related position statements